Application Case: Tunnel lighting

Application Case

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    Lanzhou Tunnel Projects

    Lanzhou Tunnel Projects
    Including five tunnels, 1500pcs tunnel lights used, in Lanzhou of Gansu province
    Integration of LED and SEMS smart tunnel dimming system
    Customer Demands
    Avoid “Black Hole” and flare effects
    Improve comfort of tunnels illumination
    Save more energy
    Lengthen lifetime of LED tunnel lights
    Customer Benefits after Installation
    Realize >30% energy saving
    Prolong life-span 40% lifetime of LED tunnel lights
    Meets requirements of optical system of human eyes
    Energy saving 0.55million KWH per year (≈67ton of coal)
    Electricity bill saving 72,000 USD/year (industrial electricity price 0.8¥/KWH