Application Case: Landscape lighting

Application Case

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    Yingtan Landscape Illumination Project

    Yingtan Landscape Illumination Project
    Intelligent management for all street lights and landscape illumination lamps
    used in Yingtan city of Jiangxi Province.
    195pcs power distribution cabinets of streetlights, 200pcs power distribution
    cabinets for landscape lamps.

    Customer Demands
    Lowering energy cost
    Overall smart monitoring of all street lights and landscape lamps
    Operation faults alarm function
    GIS map function

    Customerenefits aft Ber Installation
    Overall intelligent monitoring of all city lighting
    Saved >30% maintenance cost
    Saved >30% energy bill
    Reduced flare, improve illumination comfort

      • Xichang, Jiangxi Province
        Xichang, Jiangxi Province澳门新葡京官方直营网
      • Xi An, Shanxi Provincee
        Xi An, Shanxi Provincee
      • Xiamen, Fujian Province
        Xiamen, Fujian Province
      • Suiyang, Guizhou Province
        Suiyang, Guizhou Province
      • Yingtan, Jiangxi Province
        Yingtan, Jiangxi