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    SEMS-TCO6C Series Dual Lamp Terminal Controller

    SEMS-TCO6C Series Dual Lamp Terminal Controller SEMS-TC06C s eries dual lamp terminal controller is the base of SEMS system, which receives commands from Concentrator(s) via power lines, proceeds orders of switching on / off or dimming, and monitoring lamp operation status. One controller has two channels of signal output, designed for two-arm road light column application. Functions & Features Two channels of signal output and date collecting. Designed for two-arm lamp column, save system investment. Support PWM and 0-10V dimming mode. Failure alarm. Failure detecting of compensation capacitor(s) used in HPS lamp. Terminal controller(s) connect to Concentrator automatically. Waterproof, moisture proof, lightning protection. Customized) Electricity leakage detection. Application Road Lighting